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Trick or Treat? Is October 31st Good For Your Skin? (Here's the Spooky Truth!)

The Trick or Treat Question of the Day:

Is October 31st good for your skin?

Answer: YES.

(But only if you wear a mask.)

See? Look at my glowing skin.

Oh, wait. That's a TRICK!

My mask was the wrong kind of mask.

You need a FACIAL mask for glowing skin.

But in my case, even a facial mask won't cut it.

I need A FILTER.

Yep, that's the TRICK here . . . I applied a heavy filter.

Like they do in those skincare commercials where the model's skin is so glow-y and poreless that it appears to be composed of light instead of actual skin.

To be honest, I have never really taken many selfies because I am NOT photogenic. But I just got an APP on my phone that lets me add filters, or set images into a frame or a magazine cover and boy, oh boy; I'm already a FAN. I would have gone NUTS to have had something like this app in my youth. I'm sure I would have become completely addicted.

But THAT is what I find really SPOOKY . . .

Because of filters and Photoshop, we don't always know what people really look like anymore. Now in some ways, that's kind of a TREAT.

Cameras don't do us any favors. They actually emphasize lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and all manner of imperfections as they seek out elements of contrast to create a two-dimensional image out of a three-dimensional object. (Hence the pressure for celebrities and models to botox, laser, and peel away any such evidence.)

I have to admit, it is nice to have a means of fighting back and saying, "Hey! You inconsiderate camera, you! I just looked in the mirror and I don't look THAT bad! Gimme a break! I'm gonna filter out what you just did there!"

But if there is anything worse than being un-photogenic, it is being an app addict. So now that I have a photo app, I am gonna have to watch myself and use my app powers for good. You know, like enhancing dog and cat photos instead of myself.


Unfiltered, but still make-upped.

And in good lighting which still adds some glow factor.

But since today is Halloween, I thought I'd leave you with something SPOOKY!


Barefaced and straight outta the shower:

hair still wet,

eyebrow scars untouched.

* Small confession; I do have good lighting in my bathroom.

so I still may not look this good outside of my bathroom.

The truth is; if you ever bump into me, I'm NOT gonna be glow-y.

Or probably even make-upped.

I'll just be me.

With no TRICKS to help me look better.


What a candid post.

Now I'm gonna go TREAT myself to a FACIAL mask.

Because I deserve it for being so honest, right?



At least any Trick-or-Treaters that dare to show up at my door will be met by my freshly exfoliated face.

In truth, I don't usually get many Trick-or-Treaters because my house is a little "too Halloween-y looking" and I think it scares folks off.

It may be my gargoyle's fault.

He probably needs a facial mask too . . .

Elmer the gargoyle: perched above my office window;

ever on the lookout for Trick-or-Treaters.


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