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"So Connie . . .

When are you going to get your book published?"

To be perfectly honest, I'm so sensitized  & frustrated by that question that whenever someone asks it I sigh and silently mutter . . . 

Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 4.34.59 PM.png


Forgive me for venting.

Allow me to quickely summarize how book-publishing really works . . .

And my dilemma . . .

And how YOU can help!

The process of obtaining a traditional publishing contract for a first-time, non-celebrity memoirist is a lot like

qualifying for the Olympics.

But harder!

The preparation is best summed up like this:

Write a grammatically-perfect, typo-free, un-put-downable, MESMERIZING manuscript of 80,000-90,000 words.

(That's the easy part!)


Then methodically follow all the instructions in this 544 page book to the letter!

(Much, MUCH more writing involved . . .)



After doing ALL of that, there is still a MAJOR obstacle that may stand in my way of getting published and that is:


I'm NOT famous!



Why is that such a problem you ask?


Before a publishing house offers a book contract, they would like to believe that they will sell at least 5000 copies of your book.  So if I was someone like, oh say—Keith Richards—then it would be a done deal. I think it's safe to say that Keith obviously has at least 5000+ interested fans and online followers, am I right?  


But me? 


Not so much. 


I probably only have 4999 fans at best. And for some inexplicable reason, they don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram. And I think I only know maybe 100 of them (and a third of them are related to me).

You see my dilemma, right?



If I can produce a Contact/Email List of a few thousand contacts then I would have a MUCH better shot at getting a traditional publishing house to give my book some real consideration.


Better yet;  it would be nice to be in the position to say . . .


"WOW! I have like a hundred-million contacts! 

I think I will self-publish and keep ALL the rights to my life myself instead!"


(Insert the Aerosmith tune  "DREAM ON"  right here . . .)


Either way; having a contact list provides any interested publisher (and me) with some perspective on what book sales might look like. Just think of this as a kickstarter campaign—except you don't have to donate money! All you have to donate is your email address and I will guard it with my life. (Unless, of course, someone actually threatens my life to get your email, in which case you may consider that last sentence to be null and void.)

Now I know what you're thinking . . .


If you are anything like me,

then your inner Sarah Connor is  TERRIFIED  to give out your email.



Your mailbox will be safe from Skynet-style Apocalypse-By-Newsletter/email Overload!

My Inner Sarah Connor gives you my word!

I will only send out RARE Updates!

Like almost never!

(I haven't sent one yet!)

And now here's your chance to do the right thing!

Please Click the Bookhead to HELP ME OUT!

And for those of you who do help me out,

just know that I'm feeling like this towards you!

Thank You!!!

You ROCK!!!

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