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     yes, I've gone and done it.

I've finally written the book everyone kept asking for!

A Tall (but True) Coming-of-Age Tale about

Friendship, Fandom, & Finding Yourself

(when all you REALLY wanted to find was the dang Rolling Stones)

Once upon a time (the 1970's), in a coal-depleted mining town in West Virginia, three high school girlfriends stumble upon a life-changing discovery:

They resemble three of the Rolling Stones AND possess an uncanny ability to impersonate them!


Completely obsessed with their rock star dopplegängers and always desperate for attention, the FangirlZ frequently display their ability to emulate the Stones to their unreceptive (i.e.: grossed-out) high school peers. Semi-oblivious to being both ridiculed and ridiculous, they spy on and/or attempt to date every Stone-semblanced guy they encounter. But with only small measures of success because . . . well . . . isn't it obvious?

After collectively dropping out of college to sell balloons at Disney World, the adventure-starved BFFs hear about the Rolling Stones' 1978 Some Girls promotional tour. Believing it is their destiny to meet the Stones, they set out like three female Don Quixotes on a sacred quest. Unfortunately, they are too naïve to know that when you're looking for rock stars, you should always check the hotel bar.​


After a relentless concert-to-concert pursuit through three states resulting in a series of near misses, high speed chases, and unfortunate displays of stupidity found only on sitcoms, the threesome refuses to accept the obvious fact that they are likely the worst stalkers of all time.

Undeterred, their next move is an actual move—to England, where they continue to make major life decisions based solely on Rolling Stone proximity. Soon the FangirlZ are regularly finding themselves in absurd situations—like hiding in a moat. Or living in a Home for the Mentally Challenged—just to be near Keith Richards' house.

As they slowly close in on one particular Stone, they finally begin to understand what the Rolling Stones had told them all along:

You can't always get what you want.

But if you try sometime . . .

(And then you try and try and try some more . . .)

(And maybe trespass a little too . . .)

(Or trespass a lot . . .)

You just might find

That you become what you're meant to be.

For the past 40+ years I have been sharing my Rolling Stone tales with friends through the usual medium of oral tradition. I always knew that I should preserve my tall-but-true tale for posterity but I wisely waited until the invention of the personal computer and internet. 


I have many friends (and a few family members) that have not yet heard my cockamamie story (and therefore have remained my friends and family members). Nevertheless, I finally decided it was time to capture the precious memoir for all time on paper (and screen and possibly google glass).


My manuscript is done and I am currently in the bang-my-head-against-the-wall editing + revising process. 


Meanwhile, we Some Girlcontinue our Rolling Stone stalking as much as time and funds and husbands permit . . .

Johannah Cantrell

April 23, 1959 - June 8, 2007


Best Friend


Some Girl (with a Z) Extraordinaire

"We carry your heart . . ."

Sheila Allen Ninowski & Connie Taylor Krupp

The two surviving Some Girlz - June 2013


Photo from their latest

Rolling Stone Stalking Safari  

[ Philadelphia and Washington, DC ]

The Rolling Stones' 50+ Counting Tour


Some Girlz Stalking Note:  

We felt sure our new camouflage duds would help us blend-in with both roadies and rock stars; thereby enabling us to sneak up on the Rolling Stones completely unnoticed.


We still can't figure out why it didn't work . . .

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