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(October 19, 2014 @ James River Writers' Conference)

Some Girlz (With a Z) is a 1970's pop culture tale (and possibly the only Rolling Stone story that could be made into a Disney Film). It is the story of three naïve and completely clueless Pollyannas chasing the Satanic Majesties of Rock-n-Roll. (Think Napolean Dynamite meets Almost Famous!)


During high school, three girls became obsessed with the Rolling Stones when they discovered their uncanny ability to impersonate them. Failing to mature in college, they dropped out and stalked the Stones on tour, resulting in many misadventures . . . Like living in a home for the mentally-challenged in England -- just to be near Keith Richard's house.  

Join three female Don Quixotes on their sacred Stones Quest as they scale walls,  hide in moats, strum Keith’s guitar, sleep in scary places, survive high speed chases, and cross an ocean only to discover the Stones were right:


You Can’t Always Get What You Want! 

(But sometimes, you might!)


Some tales you just can’t make up – this is my memoir




The Some Girlz

(often mistaken for The Three Graces)



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