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The "ME" BitZ

The Main BitZ


~ Adopted ~

[Translation:]  I have been a mystery since birth.


~ An only child ~

[Translation:]  I was once the actual center of the universe. 

~ BFF of the same girlfriend for 50+ years ~

[Translation:]  Clearly  my BFF has learned nothing from our 50+ years of misadventureZ because she still continues to hang out with me.

~  Wife of the very same guy for 30 + years & counting . . .  ~

[Translation:]  I have pret-ty good taste.

(My husband has even better taste.)

~ Mother of twin boys ~

[Translation:]  I'm the "survives anything" type of gal. 

(Like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2.) 

~ I have a for-real Alter Ego ~

[Translation:]  Half of the people that I know think my first name is Taylor. 

(But I've also been called Stewart and I have no idea why.)

The What-I'm-Up-To-RIGHT-NOW BitZ 

( hint: I've been Writing a Book )  


I am currently editing, revising, and generally agonizing over my first book:

Some Girlz (with a Z)


It chronicles my early (and somewhat unhinged) years as a teenager who grew up impersonating Mick Jagger and eventually stalking the Rolling Stones with my two BFFs (as all normal fangirls are wont to do). 


If you were to meet me today, you would likely assume that I am a fairly normal human being and would never suspect my secret persona of Mick Jagger Impersonator Extraordinaire! 


And if you like tall (but true) tales, you might enjoy my madcap memoir—Some Girlz (with a Z)—which documents my young quest in life to answer the all-too-familiar question . . .

*The working title of my book

What's a nice girl like me

doing with a face

like Mick's???


This photo is a selfie I took of my reflection via my bathroom mirror. 

(Circa 1976)

Alas, while savvier sixteen year old girls were fine-tuning their make-up application skills,

I was busy trying to look like Mick Jagger. 

And possibly inventing the "Mirror Selfie".

Note to all young women out there: 

Mick Jagger look-alikery is definitely NOT a good recipe for acquiring boyfriends.

Or high school popularity. 

Consider yourself warned.

The "Alter Ego" BitZ  

Prior to scribing, I spent the majority of my career as my "Alter Ego";

a Modern Dance choreographer. (aka: Taylor)

I am the Founder + Artistic Director of State of Grace,  a Modern Dance + Arts company & ministry. My work has been presented at theaters, universities, museum/monumental sites, conferences, military bases, churches and synagogues in the U.S. and abroad. My lengthier productions have been theatrical fusions of choreography depicting my original scripts and narrations. (This included one two-hour work which required a cast of 60, took two years to rehearse and kinda traumatized us all . . .  Nevertheless, it was the best State of Grace  production ever, thereby proving the axiom, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".)  

The Freelance BitZ


After many years in dance, where I consistently kept the "non" in nonprofit, I segued over to keeping the "free" into freelance. My freelance work has consisted of staging photoshoots, creating branding + marketing content and website designs for start-ups, non-profits, artists, and nearly-weds. I also created the original blog for Serve Our Willing Warriors, an awesome non-profit organization that serves our wounded, ill, and disabled warriors in the greater Washington, DC area. 

In my spare time, I'm polishing my book. 

Which leads me to the last bit . . .


I"m currently looking for an (adoring) agent who will find a publisher for my book.

(If that sounds like you, click HERE!)


And I continue to run around with my BFF, Sheila, on my lifelong quest to meet the Rolling Stones.

(Because  I think that THEY should read my book.)




Are you getting a clear picture of why we didn't date much in high school and college?



Curious to see how my ongoing, mad Rolling Stone-stalking schemes turn out?

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