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A small writing sample after my first rough draft of Some Girlz (with a Z) was completed:
A query letter written (but never sent) to Quirk Books in Philadelphia during my last stint of Rolling Stone stalking in the City of Brotherly Love 
circa June 2013

Dear Quirk-y Person,


As you may know, the Rolling Stones are coming to Philadelphia and playing two concerts on June the 18th and the 21st. 


As it so happens, June 21 marks my thirty-fifth anniversary of seeing the Stones for my very first time--on their 1978 Tour promoting their Some Girls album. 


To commemorate the occasion, I felt it apropos to write my 90,000 word memoir describing my early years as a Rolling Stone stalker and impersonator. I will be lugging my manuscript along as I visit the City of Brotherly Love to (once again) stalk, attempt to meet, and befriend the Rolling Stones during their 50 + Counting Tour.


When I am not busy lurking in the lobbies of the finest hotels, bars and restaurant, hoping for a chance meeting with the rock star antagonists of my book, Some Girlz (with a Z), I will be free to share excerpts, photos and Mick Jagger impersonations with you or any other interested party from Quirk Books. (Preferably the person or persons that will see to it that my book is published.) 


I make this concession to you and your publishing house alone.


Regarding my book: Some Girlz (with a Z) is a comical coming-of-age tale of three misfit girlfriends from Appalachia who fell in love with the Rolling Stones upon discovering their uncanny ability to impersonate them (really, really well); and then chased the Stones on their 1978 Some Girls Tour, only to discover they were possibly the worst stalkers of all time. Never ones to give up, they moved to England and wound up in a Rolling Stone's backyard (after agreeing to live in a home for the mentally-challenged to be near Keith Richard’s house). Some stories you really can’t make up. Like I stated before; it's a memoir.


So if you are currently seeking a humorous Entwicklungsroman, wrapped in rock star-stalking nostalgia, inside the enigma of a strange, lifelong friendship of three fan-girls; then I’m here for you. 

I have the goods.


Let me know if you would like to meet for coffee (or for a little Rolling Stone spying) and I will pencil you in sometime during my week of covert activities.


Sincerely (really),


Connie Taylor-Krupp


PS: I wanted to use the clever David Montgomery photo of the Rolling Stones each sporting a Sticky Fingers album cover as attire for my book cover idea, but I was afraid I’d be sued. So I used a photo of us instead.

The photo above is my preferred book cover image.
But I was informed by the agency representing Mr. Montgomery that the licensing for the image of the Stones would be priced somewhere around $3500.00 -- just for starters!
So I'm opting for the image on the right.
Cost:  $0.00
I'm frugal that way.
See there?
I'm already assisting your marketing department.
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