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Waiting for Sir Charlie Watts to Wield His Mighty Sticks Once Again

Like everyone in the Rolling Stone universe, I was devastated to hear that stickman Charlie watts would not be touring with the stones this fall due to an undisclosed procedure — yet awash in relief to hear that he is successfully recovering. In the end, that is all that matters.

It is almost impossible to imagine seeing the Stones onstage without Mr. Watts. But how like him to encourage the show to go on for the benefit of the fans as he rests and recuperates.

If all goes to plan, I will be stalking—I mean seeing—the Stones in the late fall. Perhaps Charlie will be back in the saddle by then. Fingers crossed and prayers a-flyin!

In the meantime, I just had to whip up a little tribute by way of a digital collage. and since I couldn't decide which version I liked the best, I gathered them together in a slideshow. *

Enjoy. and Feel free to comment below if you have a favorite.

Love you Charlie! Godspeed to a full recovery.

PS: Maybe I should mention that my first official boyfriend was a charlie watts lookalike. Truth!

(Honestly, would you expect anything less of me?)

* Music on the slideshow is the opening riff of "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", one of my favorite Rolling Stones tunes. You can purchase it here:

The photo clip of Charlies face is from a vintage photo by the amazing David Bailey

See more of his work at @bailey_photos on Instagram:

The armor image was courtesy of Ritterruestung on

The background photo of the Swarkestone Pavilion of Beggar's Banquet fame is my own.

Because yeah; I've been there!

More on that story in the future.



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