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Happy 2018! The Stones Plan To Tour & Time Is On My Side!


I'm excited for 2018 for a myriad of reasons; not the least being that I came across an online rumor proclaiming that the Rolling Stones were going to perform in Scotland! (Insert my Sandra Bullock "stalker's happy dance"!)

Now I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to go to Scotland and I'm pretty sure I can convince my husband that seeing the Stones is a bonafide reason to cross the pond if ever there was one. Furthermore, I can't help but feel that Scotland will be the place where I finally complete my lifelong mission to meet the Stones. That's because I know Scotland like the back of Mick Jagger's hand (which is to say; I've seen it a few times in person). So I'm getting my Taylor tartans ready and beginning to scheme . . .

After I meet the Stones, I promise to post a video of myself (in my Taylor tartan) kicking up my heels in a little celebratory "Riverdancing". Maybe I'll even wear a kilt (even though that's a guy thing and it may get me kicked out of Scotland). Actually, the Rolling Stones may have me kicked out of Scotland first if any of my mad schemes work. But like I always say; if you haven't been kicked out of at least one country in your lifetime, you probably haven't really lived!

Look out Rolling Stones!

If you perform in Scotland, I will find you!

I'll be able to blend right in wearing my Taylor tartan!

You'll never see me coming!

2018 is THE year!!!

PS: I will have to coax my BFF, Sheila, to join me on this international quest.

She'll probably be too busy because Sheila is ALWAYS busy.

And I don't know how we are going to disguise her.

I don't think they make a Ninowski tartan.


Now I'll have to take up weaving and tartan design . . .

And get Sheila to change her name to MacNowski.

(Being best friends with Sheila is always a lot of work. She's kinda high maintenance.)

Stay Tuned!


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