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My Inner Sarah Connor Is Jumping For Joy!


James Cameron is back at the helm of the Terminator franchise!

AND . . .




This T6 Update probably isn't news to any of you readers because Cameron announced this new sequel back in September. But I hadn't stalked (I MEAN GOOGLED) Ms. Hamilton lately, so I was completely unaware of this glorious news. I'm still in major geek-out mode.

Now some of you may know that I have gotten a lot of comparisons to

Linda Hamilton's "Sarah Connor" over the years.

The two photos below may demonstrate "why".

The photo above on the left is a selfie of myself as Sarah (circa May 2017). I superimposed it over a photo of Linda/Sarah posing in her best asylum-wear.) My photo required no special effects; just a cell phone. This is how I normally look to my family; like someone you don't want to mess with. And also like someone who may occasionally belong in an asylum. (Oh wait. I already lived in one of those. You'll just have to read my book. Once I get published, that is.)

This may be why my son and daughter-in-law gave me an autographed photo of Linda Hamilton for this past Mother's Day, with the sweet sentiment of,

"You're OUR "Sarah Connor".

(Which may or may not have been a compliment . . . But I sure took it as one.)

I usually got the "You look like Linda Hamilton/Sarah Connor" comments from fellow dancers. Or my kids when I was mad about something. But once I was approached by a teenage boy in church telling me how much he thought I looked like Sarah Connor. That caught me off guard because I was wearing a dress (and had actually combed my hair). I am left to think that the pastor must have triggered my "inner Sarah Connor" by talking about the End of Days or something along those lines.

Anyway, my inner Sarah Connor is sooooooo happy at the thought of seeing Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, kicking cyborg butt in her 60's!

Finally we can say it:

She's Baaaaaacckkk!

The photo above is the desktop arrangement sitting next to my computer.

Yeah. I'm an utter T2 FanGirl Geek.


I am totally available if you need a Sarah Connor semi-lookalike to be Ms. Hamilton's stunt double.

Or . . .

I can play a Sarah-impersonating cyborg that Sarah has to fight.

Oh wait. Linda has a twin sister who can do that.

Maybe you should have Sarah fight TWO Sarah-impersonating cyborgs.

Then you can still use me.

Please James! USE ME!

Let me be a Sarah-something!

Just Call Me Mr. Cameron!

(Don't make my "Inner Sarah Connor" beg . . .)