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It's National Beverage Day ~ And I'm a Fan!

Yes, it is National Beverage Day and I'm more than a Fan - I'm an ADDICT!

My beverage of choice is a Starbucks Iced Grande Toffee Nut Latte -- EVERY MORNING. And my family knows that it is not wise to try to converse with me until I've had mine. (Because I am NOT a morning person it seems . . .)

So great is my need for this particular latte that I google Starbucks locations when we go on vacation. We never stay in a hotel if I can't walk to one (because no one wants to vacation with me when I'm off my Starbucks).

In 2004 I added up all my Sbux costs at the end of the year and immediately knew I needed to buy an espresso machine! So I have made my Sbux latte at home every morning since 2005. Suffice it to say, the espresso machine paid for itself very quickly!

I can't say for certain, but I am pretty sure my lattes are a weird, but tasty, form of hormone replacement therapy. With each passing year, I get grouchier if I don't have my Sbux as soon as I rise.

My family began to take notice. At first I was like "Shhh! Don't even speak to me yet . . . Just let me have my latte first!"

Then, over time, I simply gave a death stare and my family members were like, "Oh sorry. You haven't had your Starbucks yet."

Then I was in a restaurant one day and I saw one of those signs featuring a 50's housewife saying "I haven't had my coffee yet, don't make me kill you!" and I was like, "I have to buy that sign!". But my waiter informed me that the sign wasn't for sale. "If only I had a photo of myself looking like a 50's housewife!" I thought to myself, "Then I could make my own sign!"

Later I remembered that I had a photo that might work. But only because I was a BIG Fan of the movie Blade Runner when it came out in 1982. I loved Ridley Scott's future world-scape and most of all, I loved the costuming. So I did my best to emulate the futuristic-but-retro style with clothes and a Sean Young forties hairdo; which I wore to work as a waitress in an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant in South Carolina at the time. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the hair helped regarding tips . . . People may have feared that I was a replicant. They definitely pegged me as a Yankee.

Anyway, I dug up my old Sean Young-ish photo and created my very own warning sign for my family.


Below is the warning sign that I created and parked beside my espresso maker on the kitchen counter.

It's just an example of how to use your Fangirl antics to protect your family!

PS: I am not holding a real cigarette in the photo.

It's rolled up paper, just so you know.

Smoking is bad.

But lattes are good.

And so are most Ridley Scott films.



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