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Celebrating our national "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" (the day after . . .)

Yesterday was 'The Bard's' birthday, which is commemorated here in the US of A by participation in the national Talk Like Shakespeare Day. I'm a big fan of Shakespeare and I was itching to practice my bard-speak, but my family was out of town and I had no one to talk to except my dog and cat and, unfortunately, they refuse to obey me when I give commands in Middle English.

Truth be told, the Krupp household likes our neo-Shakespearian speak all year round, as demonstrated by the little back-and-forth notes we leave one another with poetry magnets on our fridge.

Happily my hubby is home today, so I will announce that we are talking like Shakespeare for the whole day. (I just want to hear him tell me that I am more "lovely and temperate" than a summer's day. That never gets old.)

Unfortunately, I have to go to the dentist today and I suspect my mouth will be numb afterwards and then I'll be speaking bard-ish with a lisp.

If thou desirest to maketh ready to Talk Like Shakespeare next year (on April 23), then getteth thee a free Shakespeare masque by clicking on the image below!

I must away now . . . to the dentist!

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