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My Rolling Stone 36th Anniversary

Wow! I just time-traveled back to June 26, 1978!

I just happened to be in Greensboro, NC and had to return to the scene

of my third Rolling Stone concert. (It's also the crime scene of the great "Some Girlz" high-speed car chase to the airport afterwards.)

I must admit, I barely recognized the place, but it had been 36 years since I saw the Stones there. On that fateful night, back in 1978, I (along with my two BFFs) came 'that close' to meeting the Stones and literally flying away with them on their private jet! (Or was that stowing away . . . ? To-MAY-toe, to-MAH-toe . . . Whatever!)


Sorry. You'll have to read my book to get more out of me than that! You'll find all the details in the two chapters:

"Wild Horses (or in our case, a Pinto)" & "Take Me To The Tarmac, And Get Me On That Plane, I've Got No Expectations To Pass This Way Again"

Of course, you can't read it just yet. I'll have to finish revising the manuscript first. (And, yes, I have been revising since 2013, but I'm nitpicky, okay? ) And then I'll have to pray down a miracle to get my book published. THEN you can read it.

Okay, let's go back to Time Travel because it's way more fun!

Here's the great thing about Time Travel:

It makes you feel young again!

And the downside to Time Travel?

It makes you realize just how old you really are!


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