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I Hope You Kept Your Rolling Stone Tee Shirts!

A few days ago I received my weekly Imogene + Willie email alerting me to their latest 'one-of-a-kind' offering.

Lo and behold, it was a vintage Rolling Stone tee shirt.

By the time I visited the site, some Stones and/or vintage tee fan had already snatched it up. I'm not surprised. What did surprise me was the selling price . . . Wait for it . . . $425!!!

Ye gods!!! I couldn't believe it! (That cost more than the two tickets I bought for the recent tour!) Now I am desperately trying to remember what I did with my old Rolling Stone tees . . . Crap! I have no idea!

So, to all you Stones' fans out there who had the foresight to both purchase and keep your Rolling Stone tour tee shirts, a word of caution:

DON'T use them for painting your house or washing the dog!!!

Keep 'em well-preserved and you might be able to trade one in for a new car someday!

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