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The Tall (but True) Star Wars Tale of How Princess Leia (indirectly) Saved My Life

May 4, 2019

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the lastest friend-zied + fan-z posts

And now Allow me to explain why you should follow my blog posts.

 unlike most bloggers, include fashion tipZ on 

 how to dress "furtively" 

 for Rolling Stone stalking. 

 you can see, it's important to dress 

 in a manner that allows you to  "blend in"  

 as you attempt to sneak past security. 


Get tipZ on how to

 Keep Calm 


 Travel On 

when your vacation plans go sidewayZ.

most blogs simply offer envy-inducing travel photos

which, to be honest, only serve

to incite jealousy & Fear-of-missing-out.

and who wants that?

so I thought i'd offer something different:

( it's called reality! 

Because even the best vacations

(and rolling stone-stalking adventureZ)

can take a sudden and scary turn for the worst . . .

 And I'm a bit of

 an expert  

 on the topic of 

 sudden, scary turns! 

Below you can find some of the latest prolific musings and

BIG life questions rolling around in my head . . .

as a bonus

Will I EVER Finish polishing My Book?

and will my husband ever stop asking me that same question?

Can The Galaxy really Survive Without Princess Leia?

Will this be the year I Finally catch the Rolling Stones?

How do I get My husband  (& bff)  to agree to my Latest exotic

(and probably expensive) FAN-Z-fied scheme?

plus the latest thing to freak my "Inner Sarah Connor" out!

And if you are thinking,

"wow! I'll bet you three didn't date much in high school!" you would be correct.

The "Z" is a reference to my illustrious past life,

when I was one of

the renowned

Minnelli GirlZ of Matoaka, W.V.

(NOTE:  I may be using that word "renowned" wrong . . .)

The Z is also a reference to the memoir I am working on:

 Some GirlZ (with a Z)

In which I use the Z to clarify that I (and my BFFs)

were not the same kind of (ahem) "Some Girls"

that the Rolling Stones sang about.

We were the Rolling Stone-impersonating kind of

Some GirlZ.


if you have scrolled down this far,

You may be wondering,

"What's with the Z?"

Allow me to explain.

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