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Fandemonium Defined

The online Urban Dictionary defines Fandemonium as

"The craziness and confusion caused by thousands of people trying to force their way into an Anime/Comic/Star Trek Convention dressed as their favorite characters".

But let's face it:  before the early Star Trek and Comic Con conventions of the 1970s,

there were plenty of other excellent reasons to be a part of a mob scene and scream your lungs out.  


Really good reasons!

Like Elvis,

The Beatles,

and the Rolling Stones

(just to name a few).

I am proud to have played my part as a screaming teenager back in the 70s at Rolling Stone concerts 

(and would have joined in during the 60s, but I was still in grade school).

Take it from me (an ex-Mick Jagger impersonator) that for some of us, 

Fandemonium encompasses so much more of our daily lives than attending crowded conventions.

So I like to apply an "expanded" definition to the word.

For me, Fandemonium is to love "something-or-someone" so much

that the constant need for "it-or-them" to be a part of your life

is so great that you alter your lifestyle to incorporate "it-or-them"

into your daily routine (or persona) in some form or another.

To truly experience Fandemonium is to wear many hats, 

because true Fandemonium consists of a minimum of the following activities:

Digging up as much information as possible on the thing-or-person you love;

(the Researcher & Historian hats)

Collecting photos, articles, assorted paraphernalia, and possibly locks of hair regarding the thing-or-person you love;

(the Curator & Collector hats)

Constantly extolling the virtues of the thing-or-person you love to others whether they are listening or not.

(the Cheerleader & Free PR Agent hats)

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