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Since I will be stalking The Rolling Stones in Philly - I should stalk Quirk Books too!

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Our Mission:   To meet The Rolling Stones in Philadelphia last June during their 50 + Counting Tour.


I had a foolproof scenario all mapped out, but things went awry when Sheila's flight was repeatedly delayed due to terrible storms.  We missed the window of time to locate the hotel where The Stones were staying during that leg of the 50+Counting Tour. 


During the frustrating period of waiting for Sheila to get a flight, I amused myself by composing a humorous letter to Quirk Books of Philadelphia - a publishing house located just a couple of blocks from our hotel in Philly.  It was never sent, of course.  That would be unprofessional.  But it allowed Sheila and me to giggle a little during our airline angst as I read her the letter I would never mail.


I thought it would serve as an indicator of our state of mind whenever we stalk The Stones, so I decided to share it here.  Hopefully, Quirk Books will never know . . .


(Honestly, this book publishing stuff is never ending . . . )

June 10, 2013



Dear Quirk-y Person,


Friday, June 21, 2013, is my personal D-Day Observance.


The date marks my Thirty-fifth Anniversary of chasing The Rolling Stones on their 1978 Tour Some Girls promotional tour.  I felt it apropos to write my 95,000 word memoir to commemorate the occasion and I will be lugging it along as I visit the City of Brotherly Love to once again stalk, attempt to meet, and befriend The Rolling Stones during their 50 + Counting Tour between the dates of June 18 and 22nd.


When I am not busy lurking in the lobbies of Philadelphia's finest hotels, bars and restaurants, hoping for a chance meeting with the rock star antagonists of my book, Some Girlz (with a Z), I will be free to share excerpts, photos and Mick Jagger impersonations with you or any other interested party from Quirk Books. (Preferably the person or persons that will see to it that my book is published.)  I make this one-time offer to you and  your publishing house alone.


As for the book:  Some Girlz (with a Z)  is the comical coming-of-age tale of three Liza Minnelli-wannabe Jesus Freaks from Appalachia who inexplicably fell in love with The Rolling Stones and began to impersonate them (preternaturally well); and then chase them (through three states) only to wind up in Keith Richard’s backyard (while living in a home for the mentally-challenged in England).


Some stories you just can’t make up.  Like I said, it's a memoir.


So if you are currently seeking a humorous Entwicklungsroman, wrapped in rock star--stalking nostalgia, inside the enigma of one strange, lifelong friendship  .  .  .  then I’m here for you.  I have the goods.


Let me know if you would like to meet for coffee, or for a little Rolling Stone spying, and I will pencil you in sometime during my week of covert activities.


Sincerely (really),


Connie Taylor-Krupp


PS:  I wanted to use the clever David Montgomery photo of The Rolling Stones each sporting a Sticky Fingers album cover as attire as part of a possible book cover, but was afraid I’d be sued.  So I just used a photo of us instead. 



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