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Genre-ly Speaking of My Book . . .

As you now know, I have been working on a book and attending writer's conferences and learning all manner of things in regards to getting my book published. Agents and editors always ask for my book's genre, so in an effort to be thorough and precise in identifying my book's categorical DNA, I obtained a list of the current non-fiction genres (see below). Then I went down the list and checked the category(ies) that applied to my humorous, 70's pop culture, coming-of-age, fangirl memoir chronicling my early years of impersonating and stalking the Rolling Stones with my two best friends.

This is for you, all you Agents, Editors and Book Publishers!

Where My Book Falls in the Non-Fiction Genre List

Art & Photography


My book features a picture of my oil painting of Keith Richards and some never-before-seen photos of the Rolling Stones from 1978. So it has Art and Photography!

Biography & Memoirs

Check again.

My book is my coming-of-age story, so I think we could safely say it is a memoir.

But since it is also a tell-all about my two best friends, it is also kind of a biography as well.


Another Check!

We never minded our own business. We also lacked finances.

Celebrity & Pop Culture

Double Check!

Since the book features both Liza Minnelli and the Rolling Stones, it could qualify as a "best of" in this genre!

Music, Film & Entertainment

Check, Nope, Check!

Yes, there is music! And lots of entertainment! Unfortunately, there is no film since YouTube did not exist back then. (Then again, that might be for the best.)



I do have a portion of one chapter dedicated to the dangers of grating cheese.

Cultural/Social Issues

Check, check!

We definitely had issues -- both social and cultural!

Current Affairs & Politics


The Panama Canal Crisis and the UK garbage collectors' and gravediggers' strikes are duly noted.

Food & Lifestyle

Check, check!

We did eat a lot of Chef-Boy-Ardee pizzas and lived a rather unusual Rolling Stone-based lifestyle.



Does mowing the lawn count? If so, check!

Gay & Lesbian


But there were rumors and allegations.

General Non-Fiction

Nope. Definitely not.

There was nothing "in-general" about our non-fiction.

History & Military


It's a memoir, so yeah, it's history. (And some of it

occurred during the Viet Nam era and I think it's safe to say our military was likely involved.)

Home Decorating & Design

Check + Check!

Our frequent home-decorating consisted of plastering our walls (and ceilings and furniture) with Rolling Stone pictures. We also designed all our own prom couture (which often doubled as our Rolling Stone performance-wear).

How To

Umm . . . no.

Maybe "How Not To" would be a better genre to go with here . . .

Why don't they have a "How Not To" genre listed? It seems like it would be a useful category!

Humour & Gift Books

Check + Check!

It is definitely humorous. And YOU should BUY IT and give it as a GIFT!



I chronicle a lot of The Stones' 1978 tour + we met Geraldo Rivera + it is sort of a documentary about myself. So I'm going with a 'yes' on this genre.


Big Check!

We were so juvenile!

Medical, Health & Fitness


Well, I did agree to live in a Home for the Mentally-Challenged to be near Keith Richards' house, so I would have to say 'yes' to this category as well.



Oh yes. We loved Liza, The Rolling Stones and Jesus. That's about as multicultural as it gets. (We lived in England for awhile too . . .)



It is all narrative. In fact, people who know me well will likely tell you that my 'narrative' never stops!

Nature & Ecology


I do mention that dropping chewing gum wrappers on the sidewalk is a sin.

Plus we tried to have a picnic in Keith Richards' backyard because . . .

Um . . . We liked nature?



Our parents just gave up.



Keith Richards' dog, Tabasco, is in the cast of characters.



I do expound a tad on Freud and Jung (and I was accidentally in group therapy at the time), so this is a 'yes'.


To what?

I could use some kind of reference point here as to what the book folks mean by a 'reference' book! Hello!

Relationship & Dating

Check + Check!

We gladly dated any guy bearing any relationship (or resemblance) to a Rolling Stone.

Religion & Spirituality


Hello! We were practically a cult!

Science & Technology

Check again!

Duh! I used a computer to write the book and you are reading this is on the internet!


We were all outta that.

But I can refer you back to the "How Not To" genre that I mentioned before. Sometimes knowing what not to do can be a great form of self-help, right?



Cheerleading prowess comes into play in a big way.



Rolling Stone road trips + intercontinental pursuit!

True Adventure & True Crime


We committed both.

Women’s Issues

Check, check, check!

Clearly we had those.

So! After going through the checklist, it seems that my book falls into almost every single genre! (Except parenting, of course. This is definitely NOT a parenting book!)

Wow, I am so excited that my book is so cross-genre. If genre categories are a true indicator regarding audience, then I am writing a book that should appeal to pretty much everyone. There should be at least one copy on the shelf in every category at bookstores worldwide! How easy is that?

There ya go! That's me; just doing my part to make it easier for the shelf-stocking people!

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