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I Read My Whole Book!

Yes, I did!

I read my whole book all the way through in ONE sitting.

(And if I can do it -- YOU can do it. Especially once it is edited.)

I locked myself in a hotel room in Cleveland with my manuscript,

a Starbucks latte, and a power bar for lunch.

Then I read.

And read.

And read.

I made notes and notes and notes and notes and . . .


Then I decided I needed to delete two chapters.

And add one.

And then I read some more.

It only took nine hours with a couple of short breaks.

Now on to the fun part . . .


(Note to self: Must find a way of making that process FUN somehow.)

If you don't see any more posts for a long time -- it's becuuuuzzzzzz

I'm busy REVISING people!

(My blessed book. Hopefully it won't be quite as thick next time you see it!)

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(which will be random but won't clog up your mailbox because I just don't have the time or strength people!)



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