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My first childhood memories are of Crete. That's right—I lived on a Greek isle as a wee Air Force brat for a few years. And I've been dreaming and scheming about traveling abroad ever since. That's because I spent my high school years in a tiny coal-mining community in West Virginia which was about as far away from a Greek isle as you could possibly get.

Three-year-old me in the ruins of Knossos & looking uncomfortable in that transparent rain poncho thingy.
Thanks Mom.
Early Jetsetting Days:
Boarding a plane in Paris with my dad.

During those formative years, when I wasn't dreaming about far-off lands I was busy Fangirling over the Rolling Stones and Liza Minnelli. 


Now, when I say Fangirling, I'm talking about hardcore Fangirling. As a matter of fact, along with my two BFFs, I co-founded the renowned Minnelli Girls of Matoaka, West Virginia. (Except I may be using that word "renowned" wrong.) When the three of us weren't Bob Fosse-ing all over our high school stage, we were foisting our Rolling Stone impersonations on our long-suffering high school teachers and peers. However, we were the PG-rated version of Liza and the Stones because we were also big-time Jesus Freaks, like so many other Liza Minnelli/Rolling Stone impersonators.


Now you have a clear picture of who you are about to take advice from!


I made my first trip back across the pond at the age of nineteen and moved into a home for the mentally-challenged in England just to be near Keith Richards' house. (See? I told you I was hardcore. Don't worry. That is NOT one of my recommended travel tips.) But that was an early example of how my Fandom influenced my travel and style preferences. Over the years, I've figured out a lot of fun & frugal-ish ways of living (short-term) like a rock star. You just have to be willing to do a lot of research and make all the preparations that the rock stars' have their people do for them. Honestly, it can be a lot of work. But it's always totally worth it.


So now, after years of providing (mostly) trustworthy traveling tips to friends and family (and random strangers) I have decided to share them right here because everyone deserves some Fan-Z-fied lifestyle experiences once in awhile.


And the best part? It's totally free! And if you find I have accidentally steered you wrong . . . Hey! You get what you pay for! Remember, this is FREE advice from a former Mick Jagger-impersonating Jesus Freak. It might be a little esoteric! But my husband and children have survived my crazy ideas, so you probably will too. 


I hope you enjoy this first issue of FAN-Z-fied in which I share the ultimate way to take a Rolling Stone-ish FANcation.


Happy Rock Star-esque Travels!

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