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Specializing in Funny Anecdotes about 

Best FriendZ,



FAN-Z Things


   I write about Fan-Z things that really matter like  

 Taking Exotic TripZ (when you are not rich) 

 Renovating An Eclectic Houzz (when you are not rich) 

  And stalking the rolling stones (when you are not rich)   


 Tip:  When stalking Rock Stars, 

 It's important to dress in a   manner that allows you to   "Blend In" so you can get past   security. 



I give tipZ on how to

 Keep Calm and Travel On 

when your vacation plans go sidewayZ.

Let's be honest;

Most blogs only offer envy-inducing travel photos which only incite

jealousy & fear-of-missing-out.


And who wants that?

So I thought i'd offer something different . . . reality!  

Because even the best vacations can take a sudden and scary  turn for the worst . . .

. . . like the time My Bff and I were chasing the Rolling Stones in Philadelphia during their 2013 tour and Kept running into this Creepy-Butt clown and axe-wielding child mannequin.

Meanwhile, the Stones eluded us.

We later discovered that the Stones were eating dinner just around the corner . . .

My blog also includes some of the prolific musingZ and

Big Life QuestionZ rolling around in my head like . . .

Will I EVER Finish polishing My Book?

and will my husband ever stop asking me those two questions?

Can the galaxy really survive without princess leia?

Will this be the year I Finally catch the Rolling Stones?

How do I get My husband  (& bff)  to agree to my Latest exotic

(and probably expensive) FAN-Z-fied scheme?

plus the latest things that freak my "Inner Sarah Connor" out!

(Or Renovating My House?)

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