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A Wee Bit About Me

The Main Bits


~ Adopted ~

(so I have been mysterious since birth


~ An only child ~

(therefore I was once the center of the universe


~ The wife of the very same guy for 30 years (& counting . . .) ~

(because I have good taste and my husband has exceptionally good taste)


~ A once-petite mom who gave birth to and raised twin boys ~

(so I'm doubly-blessed + a true survivor and, unfortunately, not as petite)

The Book Bits


I have just completed (and am currently editing) my first book in my "Z Trilogy of Memoir-bilia", Some Girlz (with a Z) *, chronicling my early (and somewhat unhinged) years as a teenager who, along with my two best friends, grew up impersonating and eventually stalking The Rolling Stones (and sometimes Liza Minnelli), as all normal teenager are wont to do. 


If you were to meet me today, you would probably assume that I am a fairly normal human being (and would likely never suspect my secret persona of "Mick Jagger impersonator extraordinaire")! 


So if you like tall, but true tales, you will want to read my madcap memoir, Some Girlz (with a Z), that documents my young quest in life to answer the all-too-familiar question . . .

What's a nice girl like me

doing with a face

like Mick's???


{*Denotes the working title for my book }

The "Alter Ego" Bits


Prior to scribing, I spent the majority of my career as a choreographer/modern dancer. I am the Founder + Artistic Director of State of Grace a modern dance + arts ministry.  My work has been presented at theaters, museum/monumental sites, universities, military bases, churches, and synagogues in the U.S. and abroad. My lengthier productions have been theatrical fusions of choreography depicting my original scripts and narrations, including one two-hour play. (The latter required a cast of 60, took two years to rehearse and kinda traumatized us all. Nevertheless, best State of Grace  production ever!!!)  


I have long considered myself to be a 'movement bard', but after 35+ years spent in non-verbal communication, I am finally ready to 'use my words' ! (Of which there are many.)

The Freelance Bits


Alongside my ongoing roles in wifery and momdom (which should qualify me for sainthood), I blog for Serve Our Willing Warriors, an awesome non-profit organization that serves our wounded , ill, and injured warriors in the greater Washington, DC area. 


I am also a Full-Time Fraddler.

[ FRADDLE:  To do something for or with someone because you love them. ]


Most of my fraddling has fallen into the "fraddling for" category and has consisted of creating marketing content and website designs for start-ups and non-profits.  I am looking forward to the time that most of my fraddling falls into the "fraddling with"* category.


*(I'm hoping that's code for "vacations" or "retirement".)



Selfie of my reflection via bathroom mirror. 

(Circa 1976)


Alas, while other more savvy sixteen year old girls were fine-tuning

their make-up application skills, I was busy trying to look like Mick Jagger.

(And succeeding, doncha think?!?)


Note to all young women out there: 

Mick Jagger look-alikery is definitely not a good recipe for acquiring boyfriends or high school popularity. 

Consider yourself warned.

I used to have moves like this . . .

Now I mostly type . . .

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